A typical headshot session usually takes up to 30 minutes, depending on how comfortable you feel in front of the camera. It is usually necessary to capture an average of 30 to 90 pictures in order to be able to select the best image. Do not be surprised if you feel like “a lot” of pictures are taken.

For headshots, only the top is important. Please keep in mind that the pictures will be cropped tight.

  • Choose a shirt or jacket that you feel good about and that reflects your character or personality but avoid shirts or jackets with pinstripes, herringbone, checkers or other similar clothing patterns. They create a visually unattractive effect in the image called moiré that is hard to retouch properly. Solid colors work the best but avoid plain white color unless you wear something on top like a jacket of a different color. Solid white does not photograph as well as colors.
  • Try to not have your shirt or top too wrinkled.
  • Avoid rushing and sweating at least 30 minutes before the shoot to prevent the “shine” effect on your face and forehead.
  • If you wear glasses, please clean them thoroughly before the shoot. If you have the choice between glasses and contact lenses, we prefer contact lenses.
  • Please, no chewing gum or candy in the mouth during the session.
  • Ladies, please make sure that you do not show too much bare skin under the neck otherwise it might give the impression that you have no clothes on. The best is to have a collar or something close to the neck like a necklace. Unless you know for sure that a make-up artist has been hired, please come in “camera ready” with the make-up you usually like to wear.
  • Gentlemen, please shave the morning of the session if you want to appear clean shaved in the pictures as it is almost impossible to properly transform a face with growing hair to one without.

And last, do not worry about a little pimple that just popped out the morning of the shoot, we will retouch it in Photoshop.