We offer video services that produce quality and creative storytelling videos.

We rely on a solid team of freelancers nationwide to produce what our clients need to promote their business, product or brand to the widest audience possible.

We listen to our clients and work hard with them in order to create a production that will exceed their expectations.

Among the video production services we offer:

  • Promotional business videos that sell
  • Testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Corporate Events

Tech4Value Event

France Digitale is a leading European association with over 1,500 startups and investors. They organized the Tech4Value event in San Francisco, CA, on February 21, 2020, to present the new trends, values and opportunities in the European tech industry, and meet recruiting companies. The evening was hosted by Orange Silicon Valley.
The one-night event was filmed and edited by Octamedia Productions.

InVivo Quest California

InVivo Quest is an agri-food innovation challenge that seeks to connect regional operators and accelerate innovative projects. This year, San Francisco was one of the 4 cities for the Tour.
The one-day event was produced, filmed and edited by Octamedia Productions.


We recently filmed a testimonial video for Amcor, an international leader in developing and producing high-quality packaging for a large variety of products including wine. The winery was Tercero Wines in Los Olivos, CA. A drone was used in some of the scenes.

Demo Reel of Testimonials and Interviews

Testimonials and Interviews are an important part of our production work. Our clients use them to enhance their marketing messages. We always try to create the perfect lighting scheme with our large inventory of equipment.

SalesForce Tower

Artist Jim Campbell’s LED-light creation, Day for Nigh, can be seen at the top of the Salesforce Tower at more than 1,000 feet above the ground in San Francisco.   It is composed of 11,000 tiny twinkling lights and meant to be seen from a 20 mile radius. Frédéric Neema was the cinematographer for the exterior shots. The producer and  editor was Elliott Morin. 

Video for Shea Labagh Dobberstein

This is short video for the well-known accounting firm Shea Labagh Dobberstein (SLD)  provides an inside view of what it’s like to work at the firm and uses testimonials for its employees. Frederic Neema was the director of photography.

The Startups Programs of French Tech Hub

French Tech Hub is an organization whose mission is to accelerate the growth of French companies in the U.S. They asked Octamedia to produce a short video that would promote their startup program.

Video Presentation of the iPhone X for Bild Magazine

Octamedia was hired by the German magazine, Bild,  to produce a video presentation of the iPhone X by their  correspondent Sven Stein. The client wanted a minimalist and straight forward format of the video.

Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, CA

This is a one-minute video produced for the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, CA. Frederic Neema was the producer and director of photography, Elliott Bastien Morin wrote the script and directed it. The main character is Alexi Filippenko, American astrophysicist and professor of astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Z Hotel Jack London Square

The Z Hotel in Oakland, CA,  has just finished a multi-million dollar renovation work and its management hired us to create the video to promote its new look.

French Tech Meetup in San Francisco, CA

This is a short video produced for the French Tech  Meetup that was held in San Francisco in December 2015. The purpose of this video was to show the tech an fun part of the meet and incite people to come to the future ones.

James Pridham’s Miniature Village

James Pridham spent more than 4,000 hours building this miniature imaginary fishing village “Safe Harbor” entirely from scratch with hand made components. James Pridham is a unique artist offering one-of-a-kind artwork, as well as commission services.

Intersolar North America 2015 in San Francisco, CA

This is a short storytelling video about the Intersolar North America 2015 held in San Francisco, CA.

DreamForce 2014 in San Francisco, CA

This is a four-minute video produced for SalesForce during the DreamForce event in San Francisco, CA. The task was to film the French delegation during the one-week event and produce a storytelling video with a catchy tune that would entice people to sign-up for the next one.

BANG! The Universe Verse by Artist James “Jamie” Lu Dunbar

Artist James “Jamie” Lu Dunbar talks about his book BANG! The Universe Verse, the first of three scientifically accurate, rhyming, comic books which explain the history of pretty much everything Jamie is an artist who lives in Oakland, CA, where he works for DogStarDaily.com, the most comprehensive dog training resource on the Internet. He went to Brown University where he majored in Sociology and Visual Art, specializing in oil painting and bookmaking. In addition to art Jamie enjoys cooking, gardening, playing games of all sorts and of course…science.

France Digitale Tech4Value Event

SalesForce Tower